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Caribbean Curse;
The Players, The Legends, THE GUILD!

Come on board for the ride, enjoy the EPIC Battles both on land and at sea;

Challenge and DEFEAT the meanest and nastiest Bosses in the Caribbean including: General Darkhart, Tomas Blanco, Jacques le Blanc and Foulberto Smasho.

Caribbean Curse : Chain of CommandEdit

Our Officers and where they stand in the Chain of Command...Edit

Founder and Guild Master : Kriss Wild Wolf

First Class Officers : (THE COUNCIL)Edit

Assistant Guild Master : Geoffrey Cannonmenace
Assistant Guild Master : Cursed Charlie
Quartermaster : VACANT
First Mate : Eric Ironhound
Second Mate : VACANT
Boatswain / Bo'Sun : VACANT
Navigator : VACANT
Master Gunner : VACANT
Master of Ceremonies : VACANT

Second Class OfficersEdit

Chris Darkbones Level 50
Chris Darkbones Level 14
Constance Blastwrecker
Destiny Bladecloud
Gary Cursebreaker
Lady Corrina
Long-Toe Joe
Malum Intra
Pearly Joan
Raven Moonrage
Sarah Darkmonger Level 20

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